Barry Bonds Is Going To Walk

It’s the trial nobody gives a damn about:

Former San Francisco Giant Balloon Head and bogus home run king Barry Bonds is currently in the dock for “lying to a U.S. grand jury in 2003 when he said he never knowingly used steroids, didn’t accept human growth hormone from his trainer and never received injections from anyone other than his doctors,” as the Wall Street Journal reports.

Big problem:

The federal judge in the trial “ruled inadmissible . . . a 2003 tape recording purportedly of two people who knew the former baseball star discussing Mr. Bonds and his steroid use.”

Dealing, so to speak, a serious blow to the prosecutor’s case.

Also this week (from our TMI desk):

After the prosecution rested its case Tuesday, Mr. Bonds’s lawyers filed motions to exclude testimony by his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Bell, that Mr. Bonds’s testicles shrank during the time he allegedly used steroids. Ms. Bell acknowledged on the stand that in earlier interviews she exaggerated the shrinkage, and Mr. Bonds’s lawyers argued that measuring such shrinkage would require special instruments.

Special instruments also required to measure the Ick Factor in this case.

Regardless, no way Bonds winds up in jail.

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One Response to Barry Bonds Is Going To Walk

  1. Steve Stein says:

    I’m sure Greg Anderson will be happy when this trial ends. There must be some reason why he’s willing to spend so much time in jail instead of testify in this case. I wonder what that reason is?

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