Scott Brown: Only I Can Exploit My Personal Life

From today’s Boston Herald:

Scott Brown blasts Dems’ checkup

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown — an upstart Blue State Republican in the cross hairs of national Democrats — is lashing out at the party’s opposition researchers, accusing them of prying into his family’s private health insurance records, and demanding that they stop fighting dirty.

“It seems in bad form. Obviously, when it comes to information about my wife and daughters, it crosses the line. I find it offensive and so do they,” Brown told the Herald yesterday.

“They (Democrats) don’t have any business muddling in the private health records of my family,” said Brown, adding that his family is “disturbed” by the intrusion.

The Herald says that “the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asked [the Massachusetts state health insurance carrier] to provide insurance information” about Brown and his family.

The Dems say they’re only seeking public information, not private medical records.

Regardless, it sure seems like Brown is willing to capitalize on his personal history (and history of alleged sexual abuse) so long as no one looks too closely at it.

Memo to Sen. Brown: In for a dime, in for a dollar.

You wanna open the door, you don’t get to say who walks through it.

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