Look At Me, I’m Sandra Lee

The original:

The revival, via New York magazine’s cover story about Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his First Girlfriend:

The Ravenous and Resourceful Sandra Lee

Determined to become a down-market Martha Stewart, she parlayed her miserable childhood into a Food Network empire for those of limited means. Now, somewhat improbably, she’s the First Lady of Albany. Not that she shows any interest in redecorating.

Companion piece in Wednesday’s New York Times:

Food Banks? Sandra Lee Enthuses. Budget? No Comment.

Sandra Lee, the Food Network personality and best-selling author, was surrounded by butter-cream-frosted cupcakes and mini-pecan pies, poised to kick off what she had billed as “the world’s largest bake sale” to raise $50,000 for the Food Bank for New York City.

Ms. Lee, an advocate for ending childhood hunger, attracted 30 New York restaurants and food shops to Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday morning, and easily rattled off facts and figures — “Every dollar that’s raised can turn into four dollars of food at the food bank,” she said.

But she became much less vocal when asked about the effect Gov.Andrew M. Cuomo’s new budget would have on food banks throughout the state. Ms. Lee is the longtime companion of Mr. Cuomo, and food banks and advocacy groups have repeatedly urged the governor to increase state financing for hunger programs.

The hardworking staff’s prediction: The news media, especially in the Big Town, will never get its fill of this story.

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