It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Big Dig/Ray Flynn Twofer Edition)

On Saturday, the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe both reported that the dangers of corroded light casings in Big Dig tunnels had been withheld from the public for weeks.

Globe version:

Expert warned lights a danger

Sounded alert 2 weeks before public was told

A senior state engineer warned that faulty overhead lights in the Big Dig tunnel system were a “big deal’’ that threatened public safety more than two weeks before transportation officials informed the public, according to internal e-mails released yesterday.

But only the Herald had this:

State paid $4.5M for Big Dig light inspection

The Patrick administration spent $4.5 million on an inspection company that failed to spot the corroding light casing that crashed onto the Big Dig roadway Feb. 8 — a company state officials said yesterday they plan to continue to use, even as the debacle cost one highway official his job.

Score one for the Herald.

Also in Saturday’s Boston Daily Newspaper Bakeoff (pat. pending):

Reports of former Boston mayor/Vatican ambassador Ray Flynn’s South Boston home being burglarized.

Globe headline:

Flynn’s S. Boston home burglarized

Herald headline:

Fiends rob Raymond Flynn of a lifetime of memories

‘Nuf ced.

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