Suddenly Household Appliances Are The New Political Front

Forget public-employee collective bargaining rights as the major threat to the Republic. It’s actually household-appliance regulation that will end Life As We Know It.

First there was this piece in the January 31 edition of The Weekly Standard.

Another Triumph for the Greens

To go with toilets that don’t flush and light bulbs that don’t light, we now have dishwashers that don’t wash.

The author, Jonathan V. Last, complained that his “amazing” Bosch SHE58C dishwasher is a washout now that environmentalists have foisted phosphate-free detergents on the dishwashing public.

It so happens that in the last six months, a lot of people have suddenly discovered their dishwashers don’t work as well as they used to. The problem, though, isn’t the dishwashers. It’s the soap. Last July, acceding to pressure from environmentalists, America’s dishwasher detergent manufacturers decided to change their formulas. And the new detergents stink.

As do the dishes, presumably.

If that’s not bad enough, now comes this op-ed in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal:

How Washington Ruined Your Washing Machine

The top-loading washer continues to disappear, thanks to the usual nanny state suspects.

So now my clothes will be as funky as my dinner plates?

‘Fraid so, according to the Journal piece:

It might not have been the most stylish, but for decades the top-loading laundry machine was the most affordable and dependable. Now it’s ruined—and Americans have politics to thank.

In 1996, top-loaders were pretty much the only type of washer around, and they were uniformly high quality. When Consumer Reports tested 18 models, 13 were “excellent” and five were “very good.” By 2007, though, not one was excellent and seven out of 21 were “fair” or “poor.” This month came the death knell: Consumer Reports simply dismissed all conventional top-loaders as “often mediocre or worse.”

The culprit? That’s easy: “[T]he federal government’s obsession with energy efficiency.”

So once again obsession leads to oppression.

Free the Lord and Lady Kenmore Two!

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