‘On the Media’ Ramps Up NPR Rumpus

From our Chasing Your Own Tail desk:

Big J journalism hall monitor On the Media addressed, as it should have, the current woes of NPR (National Pander Radio), whose chief fundraiser got caught sucking up to some phony Muslim contributors, creating all kinds of mishegoss.

Not to mention exchanges like this between OTM co-host Brooke Gladstone and NPR graybeard Frank Mankiewicz:

BROOKE: Is firing [NPR CEO Vivian Schiller] for the foolish remarks of a fundraiser the act of a mature, confident news organization? Not according to Frank Mankiewicz …

FRANK MANKIEWICZ: I don’t think this event should have been responsible for her firing. I think she was a very competent executive and was taking NPR in the right direction…

BROOKE: Jon Stewart called NPR’s Board a bunch of pussies.

FRANK MANKIEWICZ: A bunch of what?

BROOKE: Pussies.


BROOKE: Pussies! Pussies!

FRANK MANKIEWICZ: Oh pussies. Yeah that may be true…

You tell me: Does saying “pussies” on the air make NPR more or less liberal? Or just downright crude?

Regardless, the show followed up that special moment with an appearance by This American Life host Ira Glass, who insisted NPR is not ideologically biased and issued this challenge:

On the Media – you are the perfect vehicle for this – you were made for this purpose: To measure the political bias of public radio.

It needs to be done – you are the only ones – you are the ones best positioned of everyone in the country, in the public radio system, in the world – to do this mission, and I hand it to you.

It’s an urgent mission and it needs to be done and done beautifully.

How Ira Glass. How NPR.

So Glass deputizes On the Media to prove conclusively that NPR is not liberal. That’s like Charlie Sheen engaging Michele Bachmann (R-Am I in Lexington and Concord Yet?) to prove he’s not delusional.

Then again, there’s always the chance Glass’s riff was some post modern spoof I’m not smart enough to get.

But he sure sounded serious.

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7 Responses to ‘On the Media’ Ramps Up NPR Rumpus

  1. Steve Stein says:

    It’s about time those pussies at NPR realized the truth about themselves. (You have one too many pussies in your transcript, BTW.) I liked the NPR historical retrospective, though.

    And doesn’t *everything* Ira Glass says sound like “some post modern spoof I’m not smart enough to get”? I mean, that’s his go-to shtick, right? Kind of like Dennis Miller with a brain.

    What did you think of the BtP discussion? I thought it needed at least one less liberal voice. But I think “liberal” is the wrong word here – it needed one less-reasonable voice? Hard to pin down.

  2. Steve Stein says:

    Well, I guess those pussies at NPR are fighting back. Now that the unedited version of the O’Keefe tapes are out, we find that – surprise, surprise! – they are “creatively edited”. Statements from the exchange are cut and pasted, shifted around to create false impressions – in short, the standard O’Keefe modus operandi.

    Of course, now that O’Keefe has his scalps, no one is paying attention.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, er, you can’t get fooled again! – Old Chinese Townshend Proverb

  3. Steve Stein says:

    BTW, I was going to take your stylebook to task because of your spelling of “mishegoss”, but then I found this fascinating exposition.

    Carry on, and thanks for the diversion.

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