Editors’ Note o’ The Day (Jay Maeder Edition)

From Tuesday’s New York Times:


A City Room article on Monday about renewed criticism of the “Rough Boy” statue at Queens Borough Hall included descriptions of the historical background very similar to material the same author had published in The Daily News in 2000. And a Feb. 18 City Room article by that writer, about the naming of the George Washington Bridge, also included passages similar to an account he wrote for The Daily News in 2000. Had Times editors known of the earlier articles, those passages would not have been used.

“That writer” is Jay Maeder.

NYT “Rough Boy” article here.

Daily News piece here.

NYT George Washington Bridge piece here,

Daily News article here.


Why didn’t the Times name “that writer?”

And the plot thickens:

The NYTPicker Times watchdog site points out that there’s more than the dead-tree Editors’ Note acknowledges:

Curiously, there’s a contradiction between the Editor’s Note as published in the paper this morning, and the one published online. The online note cites three instances of self-plagiarism — one in each of the City Room blog posts written by Maeder — while the print edition refers only to two.

The missing link: Maeder’s City Room article about the genesis of Air Mail.

Sure sounds like Maeder’s air-mailing his Times pieces in.

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