George Regan’s Nuremberg Defense

Saturday’s Boston Globe reports that trendoid theater-district nightclub Cure Lounge has “agreed to apologize publicly, pay a $30,000 fine, and have its staff attend antidiscrimination training for closing the club on a Saturday night because a significant number of black patrons showed up.”

Which is always an alarming development in Boston, as opposed to real-world cities.

Back story:

The agreement was based on a complaint made by a group of black Harvard graduates who had organized an event at Cure Lounge as an after-party to the Harvard-Yale football game in November. At the time, one of the organizers said in an e-mail that the club was closed and attendees were asked to leave because, organizers were told by club staff, they had started to attract local “gang bangers,’’ a reference to gang members.

Collateral damage included the preternaturally tanned George Regan, head of Regan Communications:

Yesterday’s announcement also ensnared local publicist George Regan, who at the time represented the club and had said organizers feared a “public safety issue’’ after attendees failed to show their Harvard or Yale identification, which he said had initially been agreed upon by the event organizers.

“There were a lot of people in line known to police and police and security circles as bad people, OK?’’ Regan said at the time. “They probably couldn’t spell the word ‘Harvard.’ ’’

But here’s what Regan is boldly proclaiming now:

Regan said yesterday that he had no reason to apologize, and that his statements were based on information relayed to him by the club.

“I personally don’t happen to frequent the Cure Lounge,’’ he said. “The facts that were related to the media I was told by the owners, who happened to be there.”

Right. He was just following orders.

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