Public/Private Sector Compensation Bakeoff (NPR Edition)

More slop from the debate over who makes better money: public sector or private sector workers.

(Previous hardworking staff notes here and here.)

From Dan Bobkoff’s piece on Friday’s All Things Considered:

[I]s it true that many government workers have a cushy gig? On one side, there are researchers like Jeffery Keefe of Rutgers University who says when you add up all the pay and retirement plans and other benefits, public sector workers are…

Mr. JEFFREY KEEFE (Rutgers University): For the most part paid at market or slightly below market.

BOBKOFF: Precisely 3.7 percent less by his calculation. But these are just averages because there are a lot of jobs in government that just dont exist in the private sector, like say, prison warden. So apples-to-apples comparisons arent easy.

And, people like E.J. McMahon of the Manhattan Institute disagree with Keiths claim.

Mr. E.J. McMAHON (Manhattan Institute): I think the research is pretty clear that total compensation in the public sector is greater than total compensation in the private sector.

Argue on.

(Note to splendid reader Michael Pahre: We report, you deride.)

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4 Responses to Public/Private Sector Compensation Bakeoff (NPR Edition)

  1. Stephen Stein says:

    Do we get a link to McMahon’s “pretty clear” research? Pretty please? (If not, such a claim is worse than worthless!)

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    Note how McMahon accurately qualifies his claim by trying to compare “total compensation in the public sector is greater than total compensation in the private sector.” You don’t need to see the report to realize that it is, yet again, another attempt to compare the two without accounting for the difference in educational qualifications typically found in public vs. private employment.

    Deride? Me?

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    no prison guards in the private sector?

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