What To Do In The Big Town (Picasso Guitars Edition), Take II

Well, the Missus and I were out and about in the city today and here’s what we discovered (links and graphics to come, since we’re still iPadlocked):

* The spectacular Picasso Guitars exhibit at MOMA, which features a stunning array of 60+ works from 1912-14

* MOMA’s Abstract Expressionist New York “Ideas Not Theories” exhibit, which the headscratching staff is clearly not smart enough to understand

* Houdini: Art & Magic at the Jewish Museum, which is pretty much the mess described in the Wall Street Journal’s review

* Guitar Heroes at the Met – strictly for, well, guitar heroes

* Cezanne’s Card Players at the Met, nicely expanded from the Courtauld Gallery exhibit in London

* The revival of That Championship Season, featuring an all-star cast of Brian Cox (excellent), Kiefer Sutherland (very good), Jim Gaffigan in his Broadway debut (very impressive), Chris Noth (very unimpressive), and Jason Patric (very interesting, since his father Jason Miller wrote the play).

Patric plays the perpetually drunk Tom Daley in the production – the second time the Missus and I have seen him inebriated on Broadway. The first was his performance as Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof several years ago.

Let’s just say he’s got the drunk thing down like the Hindenberg.

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