Campaign Outsider Super Bowl Ad Preview©

As if you needed more Super Bowl pre-press, here’s Campaign Outsider’s clip ‘n’ save guide to Sunday’s adstravaganza:

Celebrity Sweepstakes

The glitterati bakeoff features Faith Hill in a Teleflora spot, Kim Kardashian shilling for Skechers, and a Best Buy ad with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne (the Missus is hoping he’ll bite Justin Bieber’s head off).

Scambits to Get: 1) Ads Rejected; 2) News Coverage

Yeah – like JesusHatesObama had $3 million if its ad got accepted.

Also deep-sixed: PETA, Ashley Madison, John 3:16, and the NFL Players Association.

Then again, they did get more than their money’s worth.

(Other rejects here, via The Daily Caller.)

The Usual Suspects

Bridgestone, E*Trade, GoDaddy, Pepsico, Universal, Disney, yawn.

See previews here (via – once again – The Daily Caller).

And have a super Super Bowl.

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1 Response to Campaign Outsider Super Bowl Ad Preview©

  1. CAvard says:

    They reject the PETA commercial but accept the commercial? I don’t get that.

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