Why We Need ‘Penelope’s Law’

Friday’s Boston Herald buried the story in its News in Brief section:

Snake on a train? Watch out, Charlie

Where’s Samuel Jackson when you need him?

The MBTA halted service on a Red Line train yesterday afternoon as a passenger reported her pet snake was missing and was possibly slithering among the riders. T inspectors searched a passenger car at Andrew Station and again at JFK Station to no avail. T cops are looking for a scaly, beady-eyed passenger who likes mice . . .

But Friday’s Boston Globe, as often happens, had more details:

The MBTA held up a Red Line train at JFK/UMass station and again at the Braintree terminus after a female passenger reported losing a snake on the subway just before noon yesterday, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said.

The woman became concerned that she could not find Penelope, her pet snake, as the train surfaced between Andrew and JFK/UMass stations. At the stop, the MBTA held the train for about four minutes as T employees helped search the car in which the woman was riding, but Penelope was nowhere to be found.

And, as nightly news follows the dailies, WBZ provided the video.

Obvious conclusion: Beacon Hill should enact Penelope’s Law. That is, all reptiles on MBTA vehicles should be on a leash.

Sorted, as the Brits say.

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2 Responses to Why We Need ‘Penelope’s Law’

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  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Why limit it to the MTA. Add a clause to include the State House and all public offices.

    A total ban on their presence and that of toads (or toadies) could also be considered.

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