What To See In The Big Town

Well the Missus and I came down to the Big Town for a couple of days and here’s some of what we caught:

– Irving Penn Archaeology at Pace MacGill

A fabulous exhibit of gravity-defying photographic arrangements of bones, skulls, and rusted metal pieces from bolts to washers to drill bits

– Paul Thek, Charles Ledray, and Edward Hopper at the Whitney

Thek is weird, Ledray is wonderfully inventive, and Hopper is wonderfully . . . Hopper

– Joan Miro, Charles Rohlfs, and John Baldessari at the Met

Miro’s Dutch Interiors are fascinating, Rohlfs’s furniture is fabulous, and Baldessari’s conceptual work is . . . Konceptual.

More to come when the hardworking staff is back in the Global Worldwide Headquarters. Right now, we’re still iPadalyzed.

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2 Responses to What To See In The Big Town

  1. arafat kazi says:

    Ah, more things we love more than graduate students.

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