Hey, Politico! Snow Respect For Boston?

Politico’s “Top Talker” today is a roundup of how badly Northeast politicians have handled the cleanup of this weekend’s Brrrricane:

Blizzard blasts Northeastern politicians

NEW YORK CITY – There’s nothing like a bitter winter storm to put Northeastern pols in the hot seat. And this week’s massive snowfall across much of New England and the northern Mid-Atlantic region seems to have done the trick.

Call the roll: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg took care of his Manhattan friends but left the outer boroughs out in the cold. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno were out of the state on vacation. And then there’s . . . nobody.

Despite the lede, the piece made no mention of New England politicians who encountered tough sledding. In fact, outside of those first three – and some historical references to other snow-shows like John Lindsay in 1969 or Marion Barry in 1987 – it had no one else at all to pay off the headline.

Nor did it mention the pols who did take care of business – like Boston’s own Tom Menino.

But that would have gotten in the way of Politico’s storyline.

So we’re left with not so much a news report as – wait for it – a snow job.

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