Free The Daniel Chester French One!

The artist who sculpted the Minuteman statue in Concord, Mass., and the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington is losing the Stockbridge Smackdown to America’s Imagemaker.

Friday’s Wall Street Journal A-Hed headline:

It’s a Norman Rockwell Christmas, and Dan French Is Out in the Cold


In Stockbridge, the Illustrator’s Name Outguns The Sculptor’s; ‘It’s All About Branding’

That would be sculptor Daniel Chester French, whose Chesterwood summer home can barely attract flies, while the Norman Rockwell Museum is routinely packed.

The compound, including a big house and sculpted gardens, attracts 10,000 visitors seasonally, compared with 130,000 annually at the Rockwell museum.

By contrast:

Mr. French’s statue of Lincoln is one of the best known and most visited sculptures in the country—about 4 million people visit the memorial each year, the National Park Service says. But few realize Mr. French made it. If the National Park Service could only give more credit to the creator, Chesterwood loyalists say, it would help burnish his reputation.

Well, this is Campaign Outsider’s effort to do the same.

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