DP=Deval Patrick, Dukakis Payback

From Friday’s Boston Globe:

John Dukakis will help plot film office’s mission

Local advertising and entertainment executive John Dukakis has agreed to lead an advisory committee to chart a new mission for the Massachusetts Film Office, and help find a replacement for outgoing director Nicholas Paleologos.

Dukakis, the son of former governor Michael Dukakis, is an executive at Boston advertising firm Hill Holliday and has a lengthy resume in the music and film industries. He was the business manager for Boston boy band New Kids on the Block when he worked for Bob Woolf Associates, and he previously owned Southpaw Entertainment, which managed the careers of musical acts Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, and Vanessa Williams. A former actor, he also had roles in movies and television programs, including “Jaws 2’’ and “Family Ties.’’

No question John Dukakis is eminently qualified for this job. But also no question Gov. Deval Patrick owed one to former Gov. Michael Dukakis.

Campaign Outsider Timeline®:

2006 Mike Dukakis serves as block captain for Deval Patrick, provides helpful advice

2009 Patrick appoints House of Kennedy appparatchik Paul Kirk interim senator

2010 Mike Dukakis not a block captain for Deval Patrick II

Now, this.

Too little, too late?

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