Brubeck Wreck

Earlier this week the hardworking staff said it would record the new Dave Brubeck documentary – Dave Brubeck, In His Own Sweet Way – produced by Clint Eastwood. We also said we would dig out tape of our 1970s interview of Brubeck in the Colonnade Hotel lobby.

We’ve failed miserably on both fronts. We (reasonably?) thought the Brubeck doc would run in prime time on Turner Classic Movies, but it ran at 5 p.m. so we missed videotaping it. And we can’t find the audio tape of the Brubeck interview either.

But . . .

Consolation Prize #1: We do link to excellent pieces on Brubeck by ArtsJournal’s Doug Ramsey here and here.

Consolation Prize #2: We did turn up audio tapes of other 1970s interviews  – Red Auerbach in his Boston Garden office, Bud Collins at the Ritz bar, Mary Lou Williams in her Harlem apartment.

We’ll be listening to those very soon.

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2 Responses to Brubeck Wreck

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  2. arafat kazi says:

    It’s ok to miss things once in a while. Even the most hardworking blogger can sometimes…

    (puts on shades)

    take five.

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