It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Boston Magazine Edition)

Yet another Boston magazine editor has hit the ejector seat.

Andy (We Hardly Knew Ye) Putz has exited the publication – which couldn’t create buzz if it whacked a beehive – after all of 17 months as editor.

That much is certain.

But the two Boston dailies have differing accounts of who will occupy the uneasy chair in the interim.

From Tuesday’s Boston Herald:

While [CEO Rick] Waechter didn’t name a successor, we’re told executive editor John Wolfson will become acting editor, and a nationwide search for a permanent replacement has begun.

From Tuesday’s Boston Globe:

Three senior editors, Alexandra Hall, John Wolfson, and Chin Wang, will manage the editorial side of the magazine until Putz’s replacement is named. The magazine’s chief executive, Rick Waechter, said in the statement that he will be looking to hire an editor with local ties, but did not specify a time frame.

It’s possible both are true, of course. It’s also possible no one gives a damn.


Make that probable.

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