Free The James Crowley One!

From Frank Rich’s Sunday New York Times column about Barack Obama turning into Patty Hearst:

This presidency has been one long blur of . . . “negotiations” — starting with the not-on-C-Span horse-trading that allowed corporate players to blunt health care and financial regulatory reform. Next up is a “negotiation” with the United States Chamber of Commerce, which has spent well over $100 million trying to shoot down Obama’s policies over the last two years. It’s enough to arouse nostalgia for the “beer summit” with Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the Cambridge cop, which at least was transparent and did no damage to the public interest.

The Cambridge cop?

Do you mean Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley, Mr. Rich?

If so, say so.

Skip Gates is good enough to name? Then James Crowley is, too.

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