“Let Tim Smoke”

That’s exactly what San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum did in the World Serious, although the slogan actually refers to Lincecum’s pot bust last year, as New York Times reporter Tyler Kepner has noted:

Lincecum dresses in the space that once belonged to Barry Bonds, who is largely scorned for his role in baseball’s steroids scandal. Lincecum was charged last off-season with marijuana possession, but that seems to have endeared him even more to certain fans in San Francisco, where a popular T-shirt bears the slogan, “Let Tim Smoke.”

Lincecum is the Best Pitcher Nobody Knew – until this week. He’s only earned two Cy Young Awards and only has the most strikeouts in baseball history for a pitcher’s first four seasons.

At 26.

They don’t call him The Freak for nothing.

More from Kepner’s fine NYT piece:

[B]aseball was his destiny, shaped in the suburbs of Seattle by his father, Chris, who worked for Boeing. Chris built his son’s unusual delivery: back to the plate, glove raised to the sky, then a whirling of hips and a stride, wrote Roger Angell of The New Yorker, like “a January commuter arching over six feet of slush.”


Just like Lincecum’s performance in the Serious.

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3 Responses to “Let Tim Smoke”

  1. Elon says:

    Tim Lincecum is the man. Support the movement at http://www.lettimmysmoke.com . Just Let Timmy Smoke! Timmy doesn’t refer to just Timmy…Timmy is any person who supports legalization. I am Timmy and so are you.

  2. Dick Jones says:

    Timmy took San Francisco to the promise after 56 years. Timmy should smoke as he please…


  3. Larry Loy says:

    I’m a “Timmy”, too. And proud of it. I also have a major man-crush on T.L., but I’m getting really jealous of all these Johnny-come-lately’s with their man-crushes on my man-crush.

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