The Public Is Outraged About Foreign Money In American Politics? Really?

Conflicting  versions of reality from Friday’s Politico Playbook about the influence of “secret foreign campaign contributions” on U.S. elections.

Version #1 polling memo, based on SurveyUSA data: “Voters Believe They Have A Right To Know Donors Behind Election Ads … Majority of All Voters, Independents Less Likely to Vote for Candidates They Know Are Backed by Anonymous Corporate and Wealthy Donors … Voters Believe Candidates Supported by Anonymous Ads Are Less Likely to Improve Economic Conditions.”

Here’s the survey. Headline:

New Poll: More Than 80% Of Voters Believe They Have A Right To Know Donors Behind Election Ads

But . . .

Version #2

Another Playbook item said this:

At a West Wing meeting last Friday between Democratic strategists who frequently appear on TV and top White House officials David Axelrod and Dan Pfeiffer, [one surrogate] complained that the White House lacked any overarching narrative and said the sudden focus on third-party conservative groups was ineffective without an explanation as to why it matters in voters’ lives. ‘You can’t expect people to connect the dots on the foreign money stuff,’ said an attendee at the meeting.”

So . . .

80% of Americans are worried about something they don’t understand?

Sounds like politics as USual.

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