WSJ Gives Malcolm Rogers Bell’s Palsy

Nice, informative Cultural Conversation with Boston Museum of Fine Arts director Malcolm Rogers in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal. It also provides a preview of the MFA’s “Art of the Americas” wing that’s scheduled to open in November.

Fun facts to know and tell:

• The new four-story wing will expand the MFA’s space by 28%

• “It will contain more than 5,000 works of art, compared with 2,500 on display before.”

• The MFA’s American collection comprises 15,000 items

• In advance of the expansion, Rogers donned his own American wings:

“When I embarked on this wing, I became an American citizen, because how could I expect people to invest in it if I did not have a stake in it?”


The only discordant note in the piece was the illustration of Rogers:

Honest to God, does that look anything like Malcolm Rogers?

Draw your own conclusions.

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