Ad o’ the Day ($$$ Edition)

The hardworking staff – in between its hard work – has watched a fair amount of U.S. Open coverage, and one thing viewers of the tournament can’t escape (apart from John McEnroe’s apparent disdain for Pam Shriver) is this Mercedes-Benz commercial:

The spot shows a series of luminaries – from Martin Luther King Jr. to Muhammad Ali to Leonard Bernstein to some gal who looks really familiar but we can’t place her to Michelle Kwan to Green Day to Roger Federer – throwing up their arms in a triumphant V, which nicely mirrors the new Mercedes Gullwing silhouette.

The cost of the car? Here’s a price list from

The SLS AMG is available at a price of 177,310 euros (including 19% VAT). Thanks to a diverse range of optional extras, the gull-wing model can be enhanced to suit any personal taste.

The most important optional extras at a glance (prices are inclusive of 19% VAT):

* AMG ceramic high-performance composite braking system: 11,305 euros
* AMG forged wheels in a 10-spoke design, size 9.5 x 19 inches (front) and
11.0 x 20 inches (rear), with tyre size 265/35 R 19 (front) and 295/30 R 20 (rear): 2,380 euros
* AMG carbon-fibre engine compartment cover: 4,760 euros
* “AMG ALU-BEAM silver” paint finish: 11,900 euros
* “AMG Monza grey magno” paint finish: 3,867.50 euros
* Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG surround sound system: 7,021 euros

That would be 225,130 U.S. dollars, with $52,354.10 of available options.

Even more knee-buckling is the price tag of the commercial. The hardworking staff has no idea what exactly it would cost to obtain rights to the images of all those icons in the Mercedes ad, but it’s certainly seven figures. Maybe eight.

Go figure.

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