MA Gov Race Social Media Scorecard

Conventional wisdom says in political campaigns nowadays, the Internet diversifies while television amplifies.

The TV air war in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race has so far been dominated by the National Governors Association’s $2 million ad blitz targeting mostly independent Tim Cahill, but also incumbent Deval Patrick – all to prop up the desultory campaign of GOP candidate Charlie Baker.

But the social media landscape has been much more fertile ground for judging the gubernatorial hopefuls.

The scorecard as of this week:


Deval Patrick     16,523 likes

Charlie Baker      10,771 likes

Tim Cahill      4749 likes

Jill Stein     2400 likes


Patrick     1443 followers; following 2000*

Baker     2321 followers; following 2005

Cahill     772 followers; following 451

Stein     216 followers; following 221

* The Patrick campaign actually has four twitter feeds (fundraising, organizing, daily briefing, and VoteDeval). The numbers above are for VoteDeval.

Note the Twitter numbers for Patrick and Stein. In real-estate terms, both are underwater: following more than they’re followed.

Patrick’s Failower Index is 557; Stein’s is 5.

Probably not a leading indicator, but you never know.

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