A Galluccio By Any Other Name . . .

From our There But for the Grace of God Go I desk:

WCVB’s NewCenter 5 at 11 ran a story Wednesday night about Mr. Not-So-Ultra Brite Anthony Galluccio:

A former Massachusetts state senator who blamed toothpaste ingredients for failing alcohol screenings was released on parole Wednesday after serving about half his sentence for a 2009 hit-and-run crash.Anthony Galluccio was freed Wednesday from a parole office in Quincy after leaving the Middlesex House of Correction in Billerica.

Except the NewsCenter 5 at 11 piece repeatedly called him “Joseph Galluccio” and also keyed him Joseph Galluccio.

Of course the hardworking staff has heard about people getting in shape or getting religion in the sneezer, but not so much getting a new first name.

Oddly, in his standup after the piece, veteran WCVB reporter Jorge Quiroga did call him Anthony Galluccio, stressing the “Anthony.”

Really – if you’re going to cop to a mistake, cop to it.

Either that, or change the track and the key.

But as it turned out – for one night anyway – WCVB stood for We Can’t Verify Basics.

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