What I’ll Miss About The World Cup

I’m not even a soccer fan, but I do try to catch all major sporting events, both annual and quadrennial. So I watched a lot of World Cup matches, and there are a number of things I’ll miss now that Spain has secured the Cup.

1) People using the word “nil”

2) Headers (how the hell do they do that?).  Like this beauty that won the consolation game for Germany :

3) Over-the-top ads, including the two-page spread in the New York Times for Louis Vuitton’s official World Cup Trophy Travel Case.

4) God forgive me, the bee-drone of the vuvuzelas. They became the audio logo of the South Africa Games, for better or worse.

Your bitter recriminations go here.

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4 Responses to What I’ll Miss About The World Cup

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Man, that Wold Cup trophy is ugly.
    But I think you’ve put your finger on what we need – Vuvuzela Day at Fenway Park!! You have the awesomeness of media power behind you – make it happen!

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