Martha Coakley Headed to D.C.?

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Politico), Massachusetts Atorney General Martha Coakley is on the short list for director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, although not at the top of it.

Democratic leaders in Congress say their top pick for the post is Elizabeth Warren, the high-profile Harvard law professor and an outspoken critic of what she sees as a too-cozy relationship between government and bankers.

Other potential candidates include Michael Barr, a Treasury assistant secretary and University of Michigan law professor with a longstanding interest in consumer finance; Democratic state attorneys general Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, Lisa Madigan of Illinois and Lori Swanson of Minnesota; Susan Wachter of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, who served in the Clinton Department of Housing and Urban Development; and Nicolas Retsinas of Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing studies, a former bank regulator and a low-income housing specialist.

No mention of this, though, on Coakley’s website, Twitter feed, or Facebook pages (here and here).

Probably the result of the Coakley Political Protection Bureau.

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3 Responses to Martha Coakley Headed to D.C.?

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    Wait a minute…Eric Alterman wrote that the White House staff was aghast at her comments about shaking hands and Fenway Franks Stadium, and adjudged her Senate campaign as one of the worst in history. Yet, it appears that she will slide into reelection because the Repubs have run out of candidates to contest for public office in Mass. If she goes to DC, a person with -R after his or her name might just get elected AG.

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