Boston Med(ia)

The promotion machine for ABC’s summer reality show Boston Med is better oiled than Mel Gibson on a California highway.

Not surprisingly, the tearjerker is being flogged at both the network and the local affiliate level.

Here’s a taste of the ABC News video that’s been foisted on the viewing public as, well, news, and here’s a representative sample of WCVB’s relentless Boston Med(ley), which infects every newscast on the station – from the Eyeopener to Newscenter 5 at 11 to Chronicle.

And that’s not all . . .

The hospitals featured in the eight-part series are also touting their roles.

Witness Brigham and Women’s website promo, or the full-page ad Children’s Hospital Boston ran in Thursday’s New York Times (sorry no link, but here’s the Children’s dedicated website).

Boston Med, as it turns out, is a Med(ia) virus.

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