Ad o’ the Day (Ross Perot Edition)

Back page of Monday’s Wall Street Journal A section:


(Body copy goes here, but I’m not willing to type it all)

Regardless, it’s crazy Ross Perot’s 80th birthday! So it’s only fitting he has a full-page ad in the Journal and a celebratory website for the occasion!

Except you can’t access the site unless you send him a birthday greeting.

Hey, Ross – I got your birthday greeting right here.

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1 Response to Ad o’ the Day (Ross Perot Edition)

  1. CAvard says:

    My favorite Ross Perot moment was on MTP in summer of ’93 where he repeatedly couldn’t answer basic questions from David Broder, PJ O’Rourke, and Tim Russert on NAFTA. Perot kept saying “well, if you’d ask me to bring in the right charts, I would’ve explained it to you.”

    It was worse than his debate with Al Gore on Larry King.

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