Campaign Outsider’s Gala First Anniversary Edition!

Well, it’s been exactly one year since the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider started posting our daily bread crumbs on this website. And fittingly, we opened the old mailbag today to discover a copy of our very own . . . Constitution of the United States of America.

Except it isn’t for us, according to Young America’s Foundation, which sent the booklet. It’s for us to pass along.

Young people aren’t learning that our freedom of  speech, right to bear arms, and freedom to practice religion are in the Constitution.

They don’t know that the powers of the federal government are clearly defined and limited, and many of its current acts are unconstitutional.

That’s why it is so important to get your enclosed Constitution into the hands of our young students.

Me, I’d settle for getting some English grammar into the heads of our young students.

After that, the Constitution will take care of itself.

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6 Responses to Campaign Outsider’s Gala First Anniversary Edition!

  1. Happy 1-year anniversary. I can relate because my blog recently celebrated its 500th post and 1 year anniversary too. I marvel at how I went a year ago from no followers, no influence and no income-generating to today’s few followers, little influence and no income-generating. Virtual reality rocks.

  2. B. Day says:

    Beaucoup congrats on a solid year of astute commentating. Or commenting. I’m not sure. But YOU are, and America is grateful.

  3. CAvard says:

    Moving right along. Happy anniversary!

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