Campaign Outsider Sports Trifecta™

On those rare occasions that the hardworking staff has three sports-related posts, we play the Campaign Outsider Trifecta (pat. pending).

To wit:

Prophetic Headline o’ the Day®

Tuesday’s New York Times:

Sweden’s Soderling Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

Money quote:

“Soderling epitomizes many of the things I dislike in modern tennis,” the retired Australian player Pat Cash wrote a year ago for The Times of London. “He is Swedish but is no Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander or Stefan Edberg. There is no grace to his game, no guile, not a glimmer of personality.”

Wednesday’s New York Times:

Soderling Ends Federer’s Streak

Money quote:

A year and a day after becoming the first player to beat [Rafael] Nadal at the French Open, Soderling overpowered Federer, the world’s No. 1 player and the defending champion, in the quarterfinals at Roland Garros. As in the win over Nadal, Soderling prevailed in four sets, 3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4.

Our money is on Nadal if he meets Soderling (as we fervently hope he does) in this weekend’s French Open final.

“Paul Pierce as Mickey Rourke”

From Jason Gay’s Wall Street Journal The Couch column on Tuesday:

Is Paul Pierce the World’s Greatest Actor?

Mr. Pierce, the star of such films as “That Tap Foul Nearly Ended My Career” and “I Think I Have To Go to the Hospital With This Bruised Eyelash,” is from Los Angeles, so he appreciates some good Stanislavski immersion. But he is also the soul of the Celtics, a team that many have already forgotten was a complete Superfund disaster just a few years ago.

Seriously, it’s bizarre how the current Lakers-Celtics buildup dwells on “storied history,” legends and double-digit ring counts and ignores the long stretches in which a has-been Boston could get neither its phone calls returned by ICM nor a table at Dan Tana’s. But Mr. Pierce remembers. If he’s an actor, he’s not Zac Efron. He’s Mickey Rourke

Your predictable outrage goes here.

“The Keyser Soze Celts”

Gerry Callahan’s column in Tuesday’s Boston Herald adds this to the mix:

For the Celtics, this isn’t about winning a ring. This is about denying the Lakers a ring. This is about stopping Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, the same way they stopped LeBron and all the rest.

You want to know what’s pushing this angry band of agitators to another level of intensity and aggression? Just this: The insatiable desire to rip the heart out of another golden boy and stomp on it at center court.

These bad mothers from Boston will do it again, one more time. In LA, of course. In six.

Your predictable agreement goes here.

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1 Response to Campaign Outsider Sports Trifecta™

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    Nice timing Callahan. Using such phraseology as “ripping out the heart” just days after an Ultimate Fighting figure, Jarrod Wyatt, LITERALLY ripped out the heart of a companion. I’ll stop there because the details are too gruesome to recount.

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