Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Of Facetime

For the past few days, Mark (“I’m CEO . . . bitch“) Zuckerberg has launched an all-out media blitz to tell Facebook users that he’s tightening up the social networking site’s privacy controls, while insisting that’s not what they really want.

Call it the Yeah, But Tour.

Wednesday it was a press conference, which drew mixed reviews.

New York Times headline:

Facebook Bows to Pressure Over Privacy

Wall Street Journal headline:

Facebook’s Settings Don’t Quell Critics

Then there was Zuckerman’s totally obfuscating interview on NPR’s All Things Considered.


“There’s this false rumor that’s been going around which says that we’re sharing private information with applications and it’s just not true. The way it works, is … if you choose to share some information with everyone on the site, that means that any person can go look up that information and any application can go look up that information as well. … But applications have to ask for permission for anything that you’ve set to be private.”

“Advertisers never get access to your information. We never sell anyone’s information and we have no plans to ever do that in the future. Now, in order to run a service like this that serves more than 400 million users, it does cost money … so we do have to make money and the way we do that is through …  advertising. Advertisers come to us and they say what they want to advertise and we show advertisements to people who we think are going to be most interested. … But at no part in that process is any of your information shared with advertisers.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Two steps forward, one step back.

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