Peretz Blasts Boston Globe

From our Late to the Party bureau:

In his blog on yesterday, Marty Peretz thoroughly sandblasted the Boston Globe for its anti-Israel bias in general and its coverage of of Sunday’s Brandeis University commencement in particular. The lede:

The Globe often uses its news columns to reinforce its editorial page. As you know, the slowly expiring daily is hostile to Israel—very hostile. And its hostility is sustained by its simplicity, which is even more simple than that of its papa paper, The New York Times.

Peretz is currently exercised by the Globe’s Monday report headlined, “Brandeis commencement draws protesters.” It ran with this “four-column photo:”

The protest was over the commencement speaker, Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the United States. From the Globe piece:

The selection of Oren, who critics say is a polarizing figure due to his role in defending controversial Israeli policies occupied territory, such as the building of settlements in Jerusalem and the invasion of Gaza in 2008-09, sparked controversy when the school announced its choice last month.

Peretz, a friend of Oren’s, takes issue with that description and with the Globe’s report of 20 students protesting Oren’s appearance. He writes:

Now about the “20 students.” There are seven people in the four-column picture. Plus one placard and one banner. Both protesting Israeli “war crimes.” One old man, sporting a long white beard, is seen carrying—speaking of ending war crimes—the PLO flag. A very old man … really, very very old. Surely not a student. He’s the man you see at every demo. I assume that there were 13 other men and women who came to protest. There were about 3,500 people at commencement, most of whom stood and cheered Oren.

The Globe did correct the “20 students” saying “many non-students were among the protesters.” Regardless, here’s Peretz’s conclusion:

[T]he Globe chose to devote about 40 inches to 20 protesters, 20 pathetic protesters. And all because its editorial page wants to expose Israel to great perils.

Needless to say, the comments attached to both pieces are just as firm-jawed.

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