Rand Paul, Flee Party Idol

So Tea Party movement flavor du jour Rand Paul, after sweeping through the Kentucky U.S. Senate GOP primary, has put both feet in his increasingly suspect mouth.

Foot #1: On Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC leftathon, Paul trashed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, essentially claiming that luncheonettes could discriminate against black people.

Foot #2: Apparently to distract attention from that groaner, Paul took aim at the Obama administration’s criticism of petroleum giant BP’s egregious despoiling of the Gulf of Mexico.

Consequently, given the left-leaning proclivities of the mainstream media (read: resoundingly negative reviews of his post-primary performance), Paul has beat feet from a scheduled Meet the Press appearance on Sunday.

Rand Paul: Not the best Tea Party foot solder right now.

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2 Responses to Rand Paul, Flee Party Idol

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    I realize that Rand Paul is just the NOMINEE of the Republicans, but two decades ago, an ELECTED Republican Senator named Jacob “Chic” Hecht appeared on “Meet the Press” just days after his election. (He had defeated a much-better-known and established incumbent, Howard Cannon). He made such a poor impression that he was marginalized throughout his only term and was turned out of office 6 years later. For a conservative, anti-government politician, he certainly liked being part of government, and got an ambassadorship from Bush 41. I wonder if someone informed Mr. Paul (dubbed “Rue Paul” on MSNBC, because the party may rue his nomination) of former Senator Hecht’s fate after he appeared on “MtP”.

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