Fitting News Media To A Tee

An outfit called Hot Press Tees has introduced what it call “the first wearable blog.” As if the millions of readable ones weren’t enough.

From their press release:

HOT PRESS TEES ( ) plans to blur the lines of fashion, pop culture, and guerilla journalism like never before with their newly-launched street-wear clothing brand and website (informally dubbed the first wearable blog) that asks its visitors to “Hijack the Media,” by wearing their designs.
Available online, and within select boutique retailers, Hot Press Tees will release one new tee per week playing on the most engaging media coverage dominating the worlds of entertainment, politics, popular culture, and sports. 

Representative samples: 

You can “Hijack the Media” selectively at $20 a pop, or take the collect-them-all-trade-them-with-your-friends route by becoming a Hot Press Hot Mess, to wit:

For $60 each month receive all four of our weekly tees…with FREE SHIPPING! It’s similar to how you would subscribe to any other service…The New York Times, Netflix, and Hot Press Tees…that’s it!

So, to review: the way to “blur the lines of fashion, pop culture, and guerilla journalism like never before” and “Hijack the Media” is to pay twenty bucks for a tee shirt that’s the news equivalent of the Times?

Murrow! thou shouldst be living at this hour: America hath need of thee.

UPDATE: BTW, is that really what we want to be doing – blurring the lines of fashion, culture, and journalism even more? All this time I thought we should be brightening those lines up.

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