Are You Mr. Low T?

Red-blooded men of America, gird your loins! Erectile dysfunction has a new rival!

Low T.


Also known as low testosterone or hypogonadism, which means the body doesn’t make enough testosterone; Low T may affect mood, muscle mass, bone mineral density, and sexual function.

This new dead-male office comes compliments of the website Is It [LowT], which is sponsored by Androgel testosterone gel.

Beyond that, Low T is the latest in a series of constructive discontents created by advertisers. As James Twitchell noted in his book, Twenty Ads That Shook the World:

To be sure, this is nothing but a protection racket, as the company selling you the relief is also the one creating the deficiency.

There’s a proud marketing history behind Low T, starting with Listerine’s coining the term “halitosis,” which Listerine of course eliminated.

Other examples:

Gillette created five o’clock shadow

Alberto VO5 created split ends

Absorbine Jr. created athlete’s foot

Lifebuoy created body odor

Xanax created panic attacks

Ropinrole created Restless Leg Syndrome

As Twitchell puts it, marketers are “able to manufacture the horns of a dilemma, and then sell the horn-removal equipment.”

Which makes marketers downright horny.

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1 Response to Are You Mr. Low T?

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Pitty the man who has both Low T and an oily T Zone.

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