Close Hoses Rose Close

From Real Clear Arts:

Artists are rallying around the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis, whose collection — as I reported here recently — is still under threat of being broken up by the Administration.

On May 17, Chuck Close, James Rosenquist, Frank Stella, Kiki Smith, Joel Shapiro, Fred Tomasselli, Richard Tuttle, James Sienna, Claes Oldenberg, and Tara Donovan are co-hosting a benefit to raise money for the legal costs of the suit to stop the sales.

Brandeis University really opened up the family-size can of worms when it decided to sell off its Rose Art Museum collection, and now it needs to fish or cut bait.

More from Real Clear Arts:

Pace Gallery, along with Meryl Rose, a Rose trustees and family member, and Jonathan Lee, chairman of the Rose board, are the other hosts. The benefit will take place at Pace, 545 West 22nd St. There’ll be “cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and cake!” Tickets cost $250.

The organizers have also created a new website — here — for their effort, The Rose Preservation Fund (from which I grabbed the picture above). They write:

We do not believe the art is the university’s to sell. We are confident about the prospects for our case and believe that in the end precedent will be set for all museums. The Attorney General of Massachusetts is suing Brandeis as well.

An earlier update is here.

This has turned into a – say it! – thorny issue for Brandeis, and the added presence of art-world luminaries like Close, Smith, Stella, and Oldenberg only makes it worse.

Bottom line:

The Rose isn’t smelling so sweet right now.

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