Mickey Kaus: Double Dip

Slate blogiator Mickey Kaus is leading two lives. The longtime author of Kausfiles decided last month to launch a quixotic challenge to Barbara Boxer (D-They Call Me Senator Boxer) in California’s Democratic Senate primary.

One problem: What to do about that pesky Slate blog.

Here’s how Kaus described it in Slate:

My Slate editors were actually quite willing to keep me on to write what would in effect be the Diary of a Longshot. The hangup was me. In part the problem was legal, but mostly it was a purely practical calculation that made me decide to take the blog off Slate (though I reserve the right to come crawling back).

(snip, as Kaus would say)

[T]he main reason I concluded I had to take the blog “private” had nothing to do with these arcane legalities. It’s simply this: I’m going to start a campaign web site, and the only reason anybody might go to it is if the blog is there. So I’m moving the blog there.

So . . .

Here’s the old-school Kausfiles blog, and here’s Kaus for Senate.

Meet the new Mickey. Same as the old Mickey.

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