I Am Not Ashamed.Org

So the hardworking staff at Campaign Journal was watching “60 Minutes” Sunday night when this spot popped on the screen:

The commercial comes from an outfit called Answers in Genesis, which describes itself as “a catalyst to bring reformation by reclaiming the foundations of our faith which are found in the Bible, from the very first verse.”

Whatever that means.

Here’s their pre-press for the CBS big-bucks TV spot, headlined “AiG on 60 Minutes.”

No, there’s no reason for alarm. 60 Minutes didn’t show up at our doorstep recently. Instead, AiG (through our agency, JDA) went to them, with our new television spot.  It will air tomorrow night on this popular news program.

Check your listings to see when 60 Minutes is broadcast in your area (it’s at 7pm for many stations in the East). At this point, we don’t know when our short TV ad will air within the hour—but look for our spot promoting our new online video Bible, which is a big part of our new “I Am Not Ashamed” national campaign (see www.iamnotashamed.org). If you can’t watch the ad as it’s played on 60 Minutes, you may view the ad on YouTube.

Combo this with the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad for religious-right stalwart Focus on the Family, and you have some serious mainstream-media conservative mojo going on.

Hey, lefties:

What you got?

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2 Responses to I Am Not Ashamed.Org

  1. Steve Stein says:

    I would ask them how many goats were on Noah’s ark.

  2. I just want to encourage you guys to keep doing what you are doing! You are verey right when you say we need verey badly a revulotion, revivel is a better word something to shake this world and tear it apart we need Gods Holy Spirit to shine and rumble this world,make a loud noise. God Jesus Christ is the answer,the only answer and all we got in this dark and wicked sinfull world that we live in for the time being. We are Gods tools and light it is are duty and calling as well as commandment to shine, Gods holy word and Spirit we need to get the Lords gospel preached and out to the lost before it is to late,for our time on this earth is short and God will return to judge the living and the dead for we will be judged as well for what we did for God and Gods word as well. Thank you for what you are doing and we are praying for you. remember God is with you always and he will never leave you do not give up no matter what. God Bless kelly ruggles in Christ.

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