How Many Mitt Romneys Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin (Part One)?

Even before ObamaCare squck through Capitol Hill, former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Massachusetts Is My Best Punchline) was furiously moonwalking away from RomneyCare, the virtually identical healthcare reform legislation Romney signed into law four years ago.

Now that ObamaCare has passed, it’s even worse for Mittens.

Exhibit A:

Tuesday’s Boston Globe front-page piece headlined “Romney defends Mass. health care law.”

Nut graf:

Obama’s signing of a federal health care law has put Romney — a possible 2012 presidential candidate — again on the defensive over the most significant achievement in his brief career in public office. The former governor, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate again for president in 2012, had labeled Obama’s bill “unhealthy for America’’ and has called for its repeal, even as conservative critics say it was modeled on Romney’s policy.


Romney trumpeted the achievement of near-universal coverage in Massachusetts, while declining to acknowledge that the mechanism he used to achieve that goal — a requirement that individuals buy private insurance — is the same as the much-criticized mandate of Obama’s plan.


“Basically, it’s the same thing,’’ said Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist who advised the Romney and Obama administrations on their health insurance programs. A national health overhaul would not have happened if Mitt Romney had not made “the decision in 2005 to go for it. He is in many ways the intellectual father of national health reform.’’

That’s the killer quote: Mitt Romney, the intellectual father of national health reform.

Something tells me Mitt’s going to be a serious Deadbeat Dad in the months to come.

P.S. Romney’s tab, according to Massachusetts State Treasurer and current gubernatorial hopeful Tim Cahill: $3 billion. Good luck paying that down by the month.

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2 Responses to How Many Mitt Romneys Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin (Part One)?

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Maybe Mitt is going for three-peat (or is it four) for Twit of the Year.

    And current esteemed Chief Executive under the Golden Dome will take the monthly payments out of the slot machines and the rainy day fund.

  2. Brian Rosman says:

    Yes to everything but the post-script.

    Believing what Tim Cahill says about the cost of health reform is like believing Mitt Romney on, well, how best to transport a dog.

    The Mass Taxpayers Foundation took an exhaustive, independent look at the cost of health reform. They found that health reform costs were modest, close to initial estimates, and affordable for the state.

    Cahill’s been just wrong on this issue, trying to sound like a Scott Brown wannabe. Dismiss what he says on this topic.

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