Who Is Gwilym McGrew?

( . . . with apologies to the Wall Street Journal editorial page)

Sunday’s Boston Globe op-ed page featured an advertorial about a virtually impenetrable National Marine Fisheries Service dustup in Gloucester. The ad – which reprinted a March 9 Gloucester Daily Times editorial – was paid for by “Gwilym McGrew, a concerned citizen.”

Plug “Gwilym McGrew” into the Googletron and you get this.

Questions? Comments? Bitter Recriminations?

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5 Responses to Who Is Gwilym McGrew?

  1. Gwilym McGrew says:

    Gwilym here……..Glad to see you found me John. If you have a question feel free to reach me directly. No problem.

  2. Gwilym McGrew says:

    The ad was a reprint of an editorial in The Gloucester Times. I merely thought it should have broader exposure.

    Interesting, NOAA has delayed my FOIA’s on “Catch Shares.” They were filed in February 2010…about 7 months ago. By law they are supposed to respond within 30 days with the information requested or provided an expectation of completing the FOIA. I received notice the FOIA information was gathered within 2 weeks of its filing but NOAA does not want to reveal the information. So much for this administrations transparency. Others in Gloucester have had their FOIA’s delayed as well without explanation. Search The Gloucester Times for articles about these.

    Why delay if the information is already gathered. If the request does not meet FOIA standards then send notice saying this. Delay and lack of response increases the chance that the information will show inner workings of NOAA that will put them in a bad light.

  3. Gwilym McGrew says:

    By the way, while I have your ear and maybe a few others in your state….I think The Globe has not covered the “catch shares” issue approriately or in the volume needed. The Gloucester Times and the paper in New Bedford are on this because it is a local issue but the cost of seafood and the negative impact on your state’s economy is a broader issue and makes this a cause worth of coverage. This is one of the rare issues I find myself aligning with B. Frank. Frank gets it on this issue. Your Gov and Senators don’t.

    Kerry’s quote that the head of NOAA “is a friend of fisherman” will sink his campaign in these coastal towns when he runs for reelection. I’m thinking of buying a few bill boards at that time in those towns to remind them of his support of NOAA on this issue when these local residents needed his support and found it lacking. Kerry won’t be swiftboated but maybe his quote will “keelhaul” him politically.

    Ah…sunshine and truth are great things. Here is my 1 minute interview with the mayor of San Fran on the issue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR8iI4Pwj8I

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