Magazine Mazel Tov!

Here at the Global Worldwide Headquarters of Campaign Outsider, we welcome any new print publication, regressive as that might seem.

So the hardworking staff was all a-Twitter when the premiere edition of the Jewish Review of Books tumbled out of the ol’ mailbag.

The maiden voyage of the Jewish Review is nothing if not substantial, measuring a retro 14″ high by 11″ wide.

The obligatory “Welcome to the Jewish Review of Books” editorial begins this way:

This is an especially good time to launch a Jewish magazine of ideas and criticism. Perhaps it has always been a good time: the history of Jewish thought over the last two hundred years could be charted through a dozen periodicals in a half-dozen languages. But we live at a moment in which more Jewish books, and books of particular Jewish interest, are being published than ever before. Of the making of such books, it seems, there is no end. But of real criticism, considered judgment rendered in graceful, accessible prose, there is something of a scarcity.


Bob Dylan: Messiah or Escape Artist?” by Ron Rosenbaum


“Why There Is No Jewish Narnia,” by  Michael Weingrad

Next question:

Why is there a Jewish Review?

Stay tuned.

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