Liberal Media Pom-Pom Watch (pat. pending)

Via AlterNet:

Heather Graham and MoveOn Team Up for Huge Push on Congress to Pass the Public Option

If you followed the cues sent by the White House, you’d think the public option was dead. But on the heels of polls showing strong public support for a government health care plan, activists are pushing back hard — and getting results.

Just days ahead of President Obama’s bipartisan health care summit, scheduled for Thursday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced that it, together with CREDO Action and Democracy for America, has succeeded in getting the signatures of 120 House members and 23 senators on letters pledging their support for passing a public option through the reconciliation process, a parliamentary maneuver that cannot be blocked by a Senate filibuster. And Political Action, declaring, “THE PUBLIC OPTION IS BACK,” released a new version of its ad featuring actress Heather Graham (of Austin Powers fame) personifying the public option in a race against older, unattractive and out-of-shape insurance company executives.

So exactly what constitutes a “huge push”?

Letters with 120 Congressional signatures, of course.

And, apparently, this YouTube video:

Plug “Heather Graham MoveOn” into the Googletron and you get a whopping 17 results. Samples here (HuffPo) and here (Mediaite) and here (The Atlantic).

But nowhere did the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider find any reference to the ad’s actually running in the mainstream media – which is to say, running someplace it counts.

Do your damndest, Digerati. But this “huge push” is a huge load of crap.

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