Add toe-sucking Dick Morris to the body count of Christy Mihos’s increasingly quixotic campaign for the Massachusetts GOP gubernatorial nomination.

From Tuesday’s Boston Globe:

National GOP political consultant Dick Morris, tapped by Republican Christy Mihos last year to guide his gubernatorial candidacy, has left the campaign, another sign of trouble for Mihos’s bid for his party’s nomination.

Morris, whose hiring Mihos trumpeted to donors and activists, told the Globe that he has not worked for Mihos for two months.

Maybe that’s because Mihos’s eyes are clearly bigger than his wallet.

According to the Globe piece, Mihos has already sunk $300,000 into his current campaign, after spending $4 million on his equally quizotic [sic] 2006 windmill-tilting run for the corner office, which bought him 7% of the vote.

This time around (paging Mrs. Christy Mihos), the pursestrings aren’t so loose.

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1 Response to Mihosed

  1. af says:

    It’s a shame that he’s wasted his money because it was obvious after his last campaign, that he was lower than a gadfly, and not up to the campaign, much less the job. In several interviews, it was shown that he was unprepared, ill informed, and other than being fun to listen to, unable to articulate his views.

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