Dead Blogging the MFA’s New-Media Hoedown

Very interesting “Who’s Afraid of New Media?” symposium at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday.

It was all about the influence of new media in the fine arts, something that dates back to 1425 according to kickoff speaker George Fifeld, an independent curator and founding director of the Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Fifeld traced new media in art back to the introduction of perspective in painting, specifically Tommaso Guidi Masaccio’s The Holy Trinity with the Virgin and St. John:

Next stop: Nam Jun Paik’s Exposition of Music – Electronic Television, circa 1963.

Fast-forward to: My boyfriend came back from the war. After dinner they left us alone, an early-’90s site on the World Wide Web’s first browser, Mosaic.

Wendy Richmond and Anne Morgan Spalter also presented, as did Georgie Friedman and Mark Tribe.

A splendid time was had by all roughly 60 people who attended.

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