Free the David Bernstein One!

MSNBC’s political digest First Read featured this item on Thursday:

*** Romney 2.0 (or is it 3.0?): The Boston Phoenix has a great read how Romney is positioning himself for a possible 2012 bid, in advance of his appearance at CPAC (next week) and his book tour (next month).

Here’s the rest of the item, in its entirety:

The article details how Romney has moved away from social issues and toward his ability to be a “Fix-it” man. It also notes that he might focus exclusively on a blue-state primary strategy (think New Hampshire over South Carolina). “Interestingly, this latest incarnation is probably the closest we have seen to the ‘real’ Mitt Romney… But some of those same people concede that, as a political strategy, there are two big potential hazards to ‘letting Mitt be Mitt.’ First, Romney’s previous reinventions … have already strained his credibility beyond the breaking point.” But perhaps the biggest question mark for Romney, the article says, is whether — in this Tea Party environment — he appeals to GOP primary voters. Also, can Romney really bypass South Carolina? In every cycle since 1980, the winner of that contest has gone on to claim the GOP presidential nomination.

So, what’s missing here?

The Phoenix reporter, DAVID BERNSTEIN.

Geez, guys – you give a fella the digital slingshot, but you don’t give his name?


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