Hey, WCVB: Say What?

Boston’s ABC affiliate WCVB had an *** EXCLUSIVE *** on Friday:  An interview with former Boston cop Justin Barrett, who was fired over a “racially insensitive e-mail” he sent to the Boston Globe in the wake of last summer’s Henry Louis Gates get-outta-my-house rumpus.

The report on WCVB’s website included this:

In the e-mail, Barrett called Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates a “jungle monkey.”

(Not to get technical about it, but in the e-mail Barrett actually called Gates “a banana-eating jungle monkey.”)

Regardless, as far as I could tell (there’s no video on the ‘CVB website), the report on NewsCenter 5 at 11 Friday night made no mention of what Barrett actually wrote that was so offensive – which only strengthened the disgraced cop’s argument that his civil rights have been violated.

Not exactly “News You Can Count On” from WCVB, is it?

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