What Is Mitt Romney Afraid Of?

It’s now been 24 hours since the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider asked Mitt Romney’s peeps to reveal the Great Hairdo’s response to Friday’s Wall Street Journal column featuring this subheadline about the Massachusetts system of RomneyCare:

Mitt Romney should write off his health-care plan as a

mistake that Democrats have made worse.

Our press inquiry to Romney’s Free and Strong America political action committee said, in part:

Does Free and Strong America have a response to Kimberley Strassel’s column in Friday’s Wall Street Journal? Especially these passages:

“For all the benefits this contest held for the former governor, it also churned up what will prove the biggest obstacle to Romney 2012.

“Mr. Brown brazenly turned his Senate bid into a referendum on President Obama’s health plan, and voters rewarded him with a job. Yet ObamaCare’s model was the health reform inflicted on Massachusetts by a certain Republican governor in 2006, otherwise known as RomneyCare.

“That precursor shares many elements of Washington’s legislation, from an individual mandate, to employer taxes, to subsidized middle-class insurance. The program has bombed, creating giant costs while realizing minimal benefits. A big reason only 25% of Massachusetts voters strongly approve of ObamaCare is because of this experience.”


“Mr. Romney’s subsidized coverage is meanwhile doing what entitlements do: crowding out private insurers, compounding the cost explosion, walking the state toward rationing. So long as the former governor clings to these central points of his health plan, he’s on the wrong side of free-market policy and public opinion.”

Please be specific in your response.

The response from Free and Strong America was . . . no response.

Free and Strong?


More like Flee and So Long.

C’mon, Mitt. What are you hiding?

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