“No” Toaster

So the legendary Poe Toaster didn’t show.

Every year for the past 60, some “mysterious visitor” has left three roses and a half-bottle of cognac at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave in a Baltimore cemetery.

Except this year.

This year (via a Boston Globe Associated Press report),  Poe House and Museum curator Jeff Jerome decided to take “a select group of Poe enthusiasts [to] keepwatch over the graveyard.” Beyond that, “about three dozen [diehard Poe fans] stood huddled in blankets dring the overnight cold yesterday, peering through the churchyard’s iron gates hoping to catch a glimpse of the figure known only as the “Poe toaster.’’

Except he/she didn’t show.

“I’m very disappointed, to the point where I want to cry,’’ said Cynthia Pelayo, 29, who had stood riveted to her prime viewing spot at the gate for about six hours. “I flew in from Chicago to see him.’’

To review: someone who preserved his/her anonymity for six decades sees 40 or so people scattered around Poe’s grave and decides to take a pass this year and drink the half-bottle of cognac him/herself.

And Poe-dunk curator Jeff Jerome tells the AP, “I’m confused, befuddled.”

Hey – I’m befuddled.

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