Dead Blogging the Massachusetts Senate Election

All day Tuesday, you got the sense that only the Ladies Who Lunch in the People’s Republic of Brookline still believed that Martha Coakley could actually win the U.S. Senate race.

It was special, alright:

• When the polls closed at 8 p.m., the only local TV coverage came compliments of NECN [and WCVB – thanks, Adam]. WBZ stuck with NCIS, WCVB put on Scrubs, and WHDH ran the prophetic Biggest Loser.  Props to NECN: Since there were no exit polls, the gum-flapping had to go supersonic.

• Dispatches from the Cyclopsian cable networks:

On Fox News, Boston media mavens Howie Carr and Mary Anne Marsh seem to have awarded the race to Scott Brown (R-Gas the Truck).

On MSNBC (which in desperation is displaying fractions in the vote count: Brown 52.3%, Coakley 46.7%) has Tinglin’ Chris Matthews bloviating about the evils of the 24-hour news cycle: “First Robert Gibbs says something, then Mitch McConnell says something, then some clown on Fox says something . . . ” (Yikes. Hey, Fox – you wanna say something?)

On CNN, John King is at Scott Brown headquarters. Say no more.

• At 9 p.m., WCVB scrubbed its second episode of Scrubs and went to (the real) Janet Wu with Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey (D-We’re Doin’ Good), who said “we’re going to win.”

• With 59% of precincts reporting, Brown leads by seven points.

• Back to Fox News: former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R-And My Hair Is Perfect) warns against “Democratic shenanigans” around the healthcare reform/government takeover legislation. He also points to GOP gubernatorial success in the Bay State: “Paul Cellucci, Jane Swift, Bill Weld ran for governor as Republicans . . . ” Actually, Jane Swift didn’t, since Romney big-bucked her out of the race in 2002.

• On MSNBC, former presidential candidate Howard Dean (D-The Scream) says, “A lot of this is not anyone’s fault. Well, maybe George Bush’s fault.” God, the GOP loves that kind of talk.

• 9:21 p.m.: The race is called for Scott Brown.

• If you chose “I think it’s a little bit of both” for your drinking game, you were knee-walking by 9:30.

• Preceding Martha Coakley’s concession, Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray quoted poet Maya Angelou:

“We will rise up.”

Rise up? You own every political seat in the state except Brown’s. He rose up.

• Coakley’s concession speech was as tin-eared as her campaign. To what could loosely be called the crowd, she said, “Give yourselves a huge round of applause for what you’ve done.” Yes – lost a Senate seat that previously had been as secure as the average seatbelt.

Coakley also misquoted Ted Kennedy – of all people – at the end of her concession speech. That’s what we in the thumb-sucking racket call symbolic. [I stand corrected. That’s what we in the chin-stroking racket call an everyday experience.]

• Nutshell version of Scott Brown’s victory speech:  After thanking his daughters for helping him on the campaign trail, Brown said, “In case anyone around the country are watching, they’re both available.”

Enough said.

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4 Responses to Dead Blogging the Massachusetts Senate Election

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Two Channel 5s? At 8 p.m., I was watching WCVB doing election coverage, not “Scrubs” – and wondering if Ed Harding ever combs his hair.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      My, mistake – I must’ve clicked by WCVB during a commercial break and just gone by the program info at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for the heads up, Adam.

  2. Kevin says:

    I thought Coakley had misquoted Kennedy too, but it turns out she didn’t. “The dream shall never die” is the end of his more-famous 1980 DNC speech. But “the dream lives on,” which Coakley said, was the end of his 2008 DNC speech.

    Definitely sounded like a misquote to my ears, too, tho’.

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